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Journal Of Nursing

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3 Nurse Educator

Nurse Educator, a peer reviewed journal edited for faculty and administrators in schools of nursing, provides practical and applied information on both the theories and practice of academic nursing education, including: educational philosophy, policies, and procedures; organizational, program, curriculum, course, and faculty development; instructional methods and materials; testing and measurement; administration; implications of trends and issues effecting teaching; and applied research.

4 Jurnal tentang keperawatan jiwa

Archives of Psychiatric Nursing disseminates original, peer-reviewed research that is of interest to psychiatric and mental health care nurses. The field is considered in its broadest perspective, including theory, practice and research applications related to all ages, special populations, settings, and interdisciplinary collaborations in both the public and private sectors.

 4-Archives of Psychiatric Nursing
5 Jurnal Tentang Evidence-Based Nursing

Published quarterly, the purpose of Evidence-Based Nursing is to select from the health related literature research studies and reviews that report important advances relevant to best nursing practice. The clinical relevance and rigour of the studies is assessed to identify research that is relevant to nursing.


 5-Evidence-Based Nursing
6 Jurnal Tentang Keperawatan Geriatrik

Geriatric Nursing is a comprehensive source for clinical information and management advice relating to the care of older adults. The journal’s peer-reviewed articles report the latest developments in the management of acute and chronic disorders and provide practical advice on care of older adults across the long term continuum. Geriatric Nursing addresses current issues related to drugs, advance directives, staff development and management, legal issues, client and caregiver education, infection control, and other topics.

 6-Keperawatan Geriatrik
7 Jurnal Tentang Keperawatan Gawat Darurat

International Emergency Nursing is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to nurses and other professionals involved in emergency care. It aims to promote excellence through dissemination of high quality research findings, specialist knowledge and discussion of professional issues that reflect the diversity of this field.

 7-Keperawatan Gawat Darurat
8 Jurnal tentang isu & tren keperawatan

The International Journal of Nursing Knowledge, the official journal of NANDA International, is a peer-reviewed publication for key professionals committed to discovering, understanding and disseminating nursing knowledge.

 8-official journal of NANDA International

Jurnal Tentang Isu & Tren Keperawatan

The International Journal of Nursing Studies (IJNS) provides a forum for original research and scholarship about health care delivery, organisation, management, workforce, policy and research methods relevant to nursing, midwifery and other health related professions. The IJNS aims to support evidence informed policy and practice by publishing research, systematic and other scholarly reviews, critical discussion, and commentary of the highest standard.


10 Jurnal tentang keperawatan pediatrik

The Journal of Pediatric Nursing: Nursing Care of Children and Families (JPN) is interested in publishing clinical, theory, programmatic and research papers on a variety of topics. JPN is the official journal of the Society of Pediatric Nurses and the Pediatric Endocrinology Nursing Society.

 10-Nursing Care of Children and Families
11 Jurnal Tentang Keperawatan Medikal Bedah

The Nursing and Allied Health Resources Section of the Medical Library Association (NAHRS/MLA) has selected MEDSURG Nursing to a list of nursing journals developed to assist nurses and librarians evaluating nursing and interdisciplinary journal titles for library collection development and publishing opportunities.

12 Jurnal Tentang Kepemimpinan Keperawatan

Nurse Leader provides the vision, skills, and tools needed by nurses currently in, or aspiring to, leadership positions. The bimonthly journal provides nurses with practical information in an easy-to-read format – offering the knowledge they need to succeed. It pulls together insights from a broad spectrum of successful management and leadership perspectives and tailors the information to the specific needs of nurses. Columns include The Coaching Forum and Lessons Learned.

 12-Nurse Leader provides the vision

Jurnal Tentang Standar Keperawatan


 13-Standar Keperawatan
14 Jurnal Tentang Pengembangan Keperawatan  14-Pengembangan Keperawatan
15 Jurnal Tentang Manajemen Pelayanan Kesehatan

A major STM journal publisher of 116 online and print journals, 150 plus open access journals, and related print/online book series, Bentham Science answers the information needs of scientists in the fields of pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical, engineering, technology, computer and social sciences.

 15-A major STM
16 Jurnal Tentang Manajemen Nyeri

This peer-reviewed journal offers a unique focus on the realm of pain management as it applies to nursing. Original and review articles from experts in the field offer key insights in the areas of clinical practice, advocacy, education, administration, and research. Additional features include practice guidelines and pharmacology updates.

 16-Manajemen Nyeri
17 Jurnal Tentang Keperawatan Pediatrik

For more than 30 years, Pediatric Nursing has provided the pediatric nursing arena with current information on practice, policy, and research. Each issue includes:Expanded, evidence-based clinical editorial content for the pediatric nurse at the bedside.

 17-Keperawatan Pediatrik
18 Jurnal Tentang Pembelajaran Keperawatan

Teaching and Learning in Nursing is the Official Journal of the National Organization of Associate Degree Nursing. The journal is dedicated to the advancement of Associate Degree Nursing education and practice, and promotes collaboration in charting the future ofhealth care education and delivery.

 18-Pembelajaran Keperawatan

Jurnal Tentang Praktik Keperawatan

The Journal for Nurse Practitioners is an official publication of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.


 19-Praktik Keperawatan
20 Jurnal Tentang Isu & tren Keperawatan

Western Journal of Nursing Research (WJN) is a peer-reviewed journal published eight times a year providing an innovative forum for nurse researchers, students and clinical practitioners to participate in ongoing scholarly debate. WJNR offers clinical research reports broadened by commentaries and authors’ responses.

 20-Western Journal of Nursing Research